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Old 03-05-2013, 09:59 PM   #11
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Default Hey I want to taste

Originally Posted by atzeman View Post
First cock I suck was when I was 11 and did it with another boy the same age. We both could cum at the age and I got him to cum in my mouth and love the taste. Since then I have love sucking and did teach other boys at that time how good male to male sex was. A lot of them also love to suck and taste the precum and cum.
Anyone in Las Vegas i want to try some dick or get sucked email me.
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Old 03-31-2013, 04:59 AM   #12
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Default 1st time I got sucked

A girl in the movie theater late 70's in a small town in Ark. she enjoyed being watched by her friends and she sucked off all 4 guys. Wish I could find her again.
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Old 03-31-2013, 10:47 AM   #13
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Wink First time blowjob

I was about 9 yrs. old and my cousin was 8. we were playing in the pasture and granddad had flooded the field for irrigation so we were just in our underwear playing in the water. We had played DR. together since we were 4 or 5 yrs. old, just innocent child play. When we finished our water play we went in the barn to put our pants on. We took of our wet underpants and stood there naked in the straw. My cousin ask me if I wanted to play DR. and I laughed and he said no this is a different way I said ok and he went to his knees and had my cock in his mouth before I knew what happened. He keep going until I got the "feeling" as we called it back then. Just knowing how good he made me feel I knew I had to suck him until he got the "Feeling" too. This went on until we were about 14 then he turned to girls. I still like boys to this day!
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Old 04-01-2013, 08:24 AM   #14
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I was 17 the first time I was getting sucked. I was on a school camp and that night this close friend of mine with his girlfriend saw my dick for the first time earlier. His girlfriend wanted to see my dick after finding out that I was uncircumcised and she had never seen an uncut one before in her life. I was too embarrassed to show her myself so I got her boyfriend to take my pants off himself. I remember the moment my dick was exposed to her, I was so hard and so wet. My foreskin was retracted automatically, and my head was covered with precum and I remember drops of precum was falling on the ground.

Anyway after she has gone to bed, my friend and I both went back to our cabin. We shared the cabin with 2 other people. At the time the others were watching a movie so it was just the two of us.

He took my pants off and wanted to play with my dick again - fascinated by my foreskin (he was cut as a baby by the way). My dick was still very wet from the earlier show. Just as he was giving me hand, I actually asked him to suck it. He refused at first, but I started bagging him. He pulled my foreskin back, and smelt it and to see if there was any dick cheese. He then took me to the bathroom and washed it himself.

Afterwards we went back to his bed where I received my first head in my life. It wasn't an enjoyable experience. He was very rough with my head which was very sensitive under the protection of the foreskin. His teeth were hurting me badly. I had to tell him to stop and explained to him how sensitive my head was compared to his. I asked him to be careful of the teeth. He changed and it was so much better.

I shot a massive load in his mouth about 3 minutes later and he swallowed it all and even cleaned my dick up with his tongue. Not long after the other 2 boys walked in, they almost caught us. Since that day we regularly met up and played and sucked each others' dick, we stopped only a couple of years ago when he moved away.

His was the first cock I sucked, which took place 3 months after. It happened in my car when we met up to play with our dicks. As I was giving him head, I saw how beautiful his circumcised dick was and I just couldn't resist. He was about the same size as me, perhaps slightly longer at 4.5". It tasted so good. He cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all.
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Old 04-01-2013, 09:44 AM   #15
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I was 15, my cousin was 14. We had been renting porn movies and watching them while his mom was gone to work. We had played with our cocks in front of each other a few times and I was dying to suck his but had no idea how to approach the subject. One movie we had rented had a scene where two guys were about to fuck a woman and she told them that they could only fuck her if they sucked each others dicks first. My cousin and I were both naked on the bed beside of each other, stroking our cocks and watching the movie. I was staring at his cock more than the movie LOL

After the scene we started talking about what we would do if we were in that situation. He said he didn't think he would suck the other guys dick, I said that I would. He was surprised. I then added that I would do it even if I wasn't getting pussy. He got the point but didn't offer to let me suck his. After some more movie watching I suggested that we stroke each other and he agreed. The feel of his throbbing cock in my hand was pure heaven. He stroked me for a minute or two but then let go and just laid there watching the movie while I stroked him and played with his balls.

I was so horny that my inhibitions were totally gone and I just outright asked if I could suck it and he said that I could. I was so nervous that my whole body was shaking. I leaned over and started sucking the head and tasted precum for the first time. That was it, I wanted more. I inhaled his cock and sucked like crazy. He didn't last long, maybe two minutes, and he announced that he was going to cum. I kept sucking. With more urgency he told me to stop sucking or he was going to cum in my mouth. I kept sucking. Seconds later he gushed the most delicious thing I had ever tasted into my moth and all over my tongue. I kept sucking until he finished cumming and got every drop. As I pulled off of his cock I realized that he had no idea that I wanted to eat his cum and made a show of going to the bathroom to spit. In reality I swallowed every drop and savored the deliciousness of it.

When I returned to his room he offered to suck mine and I let him. He was really hesitant. When I said I was going to cum he pulled away and I came on my stomach. After that we discussed it and he told me that he didn't like doing it to me and I told him that I liked doing it a lot. The next time that we spent time together was at my house. I ended up sucking him off and since there was no bathroom for me to fake spitting I swallowed. He was shocked that I ate his cum. Then I admitted that I had eaten his load the first time I sucked him off and admitted that I really liked the taste and liked eating it. After that there were a few times where we would jack off together and after he came he would scoop up the cum on his fingers and feed it to me. He even developed a thing where he pinched his cock head closed and orgasmed trapping his cum in his cock and then would slowly let the cum run out onto his stomach and let me lick it up as it flowed out.

Over the next few years I sucked him off just about every time we were together. He would occasionally try sucking me, but clearly didn't like doing it. On one occasion he sucked me first and let me cum in his mouth but quickly spit it out. After a few times of him trying but clearly not liking doing it I let him off of the hook by telling him that I was fine with just me sucking him off. During our teen years he would go on dates with girls and if they didn't let him fuck them he would call me to meet him and suck him off to releive the need to cum. Those were always big, creamy loads.

After that I sucked him on a very regular basis right up until our early 20's when we got married and I moved away. When I moved back about 10 years later we picked up right where we left off with him stopping by my house on his way to work to get sucked off 2 or 3 times a week. The pic below is of me sucking him off when we were in our mid 30's.

Visit my blog at
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Old 04-01-2013, 11:49 AM   #16
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Default Fantastic Posting - Lucky Cocksucker!

Great story about you and your cousin. You were lucky to find such a nice circumcised cock to suck off all the time. I think more boys that are prone to sucking should have the opportunity to feed on a brother, cousin, uncle, etc. The best adult cocksuckers are ones that started young and got lots of practice. Why would we want to discourage this excellent skill development!
Dom Top into submissive bottoms and guys into circumcision
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Old 04-01-2013, 01:29 PM   #17
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Default man suck

From the age of 12 i had a few friends at school and we would often play with each other. One guy my age was my best friend and we were always masturbating each other, sometimes kissing and licking each others cock. When i was 14 a couple of my friends called and said i had to go out as they had something to show me. That something was a guy in a car who was about 40, I didnt ask any questions, we all got in the car and he drove into the countryside.
I was sat in the front with the guy and when we stopped my friends got out to 'explore' while i stayed in the car. He made small talk then started asking about girlfriends then asked did i play with myself, by this time i was starting to get hard. He then took my hand and placed it on his rock hard cock, i just wanted to feel it so tried to get it out, he pulled his zip down and pulled it out for me. At 14 it was the biggest cock i had seen and the foreskin was fantastic, so i started doing what i liked doing and that was pulling it up and down as i started masturbating him. He was rock hard and dripping precum so i just bent down and started licking it off, he said open your mouth so i did and he got most of the dripping head in before he started cumming. I had never tasted spunk before but i had always loved the smell of it so i pulled away after the first couple of spurts to watch it cum out and run down over his cock and my hand.
As soon as he put himself away he moved me back in my seat and took my rock hard young cock out and took it all in his mouth. I have never ever forgotten that feeling of his mouth over my boy cock, it only took a couple of sucks on me for me to start cumming and he drank every drop. It was a fantastic experience and feeling, one that we did to each other a few times afterwards. I loved masturbating him and other men and did it as often as i could, including sleeping with my very randy juicy cocked uncle.
Sucking and masturbating a mans cock was fantastic, but i also still played with my best friend and even showed him what i had learned off these horny older men.
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Old 04-03-2013, 11:58 AM   #18
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First time for me was when I was slow sucking my step brothers cock one night. I remember working him with my lips and tasting his precum and I instantly loved the taste and texture of it. I didnt want him to cum in my mouth at first but he begged me to keep going so I went for it. I felt shot after shot hit the back of my throat and I started swallowing. Didnt much care for it at first but about 2 or 3 more of his loads later I started loving the flavor and just the taste and feeling of him cumming in my mouth would usually send me over the edge at the same time, Ive loved it ever since
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Old 04-13-2013, 07:24 AM   #19
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My first time being sucked off was in Mississippi in the late 70's by a young woman. I'll never forget the way her mounth felt on my cock. I didn't last very long and blew a huge load deep in her throat.
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Old 04-13-2013, 09:47 PM   #20
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It was this past september when i was 17, just about to turn 18. I had this fascination with sucking cock for a while. I dont know where it came from, but it just enveloped my thoughts and fantasies ever since i first thought about it. I was getting desperate to do it discreetly, so i posted a few ads on craigslist, finally a serious guy responded and we finally met up. We did it in his car at about 1:30 AM because i had to sneak out of my parents house. I sucked his cock eagerly and swallowed every last drop. It was every bit as amazing as i thought it would be! I haven't sucked one yet, but i keep posting in the Berlin, NH craigslist ads, hoping to find another soon. I want a big one this time, the last guy was only about averaged sized... I am very desperate and would take any clean cock, really...
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