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Old 11-23-2012, 08:02 AM   #31
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Default first time at 13

Hi, this is my first post here. Hope you like it.

My first sexual encounter was when I was 13. My friend on the block was 14, and much more worldly and experienced. He claimed to have fooled around with girls, had fucked, etc. He was much taller and stronger than me too, and he was pretty dominant.

One summer, he came over to my bedroom. We had previously touched each other and shown our goods, but this time was different. He started it with a game of truth or dare. Of course I made him start it since i was really shy, but wanted to continue. It would go from "show me your ass," to show me your dick," to touching each others dicks. I'm not really sure how it got to my ass, but it was something like "how bout I put it between your cheeks?" So I laid on the bed face down, and he got on me. My pants were pulled down, but not off, and his sweatpants were only down enough for his dick to be out.

I just remember loving the feeling of him against my ass. He was uncut, and about 6" like me. He kept pushing slowly back and forth, and eventually, without either of us saying anything, he was inside me. He was laying flat on me, and would sometimes lift himself up to look down at what he was doing to my butt. I loved his weight on me, holding me there. Then he gave me some instructions, like to move up and down with him. He reached around and held my dick while fucking me. He told me i had a raging hardon, and he was right. He stroked my precum with his thumb, and pretty much had me in ecstasy.

At one point, I felt him pull out a little, and I could feel a weird squirting sensation. I didn't even realize at the time that he was cumming in me. Since he was 14, he kept going, and going. I think he came at least a few more times in my ass. When he finally pulled out, he just said "ok.. i'll see you later," and left. I felt around and was shocked at the amount of semen coming from my butthole.

We did it at least a dozen more times that summer, in every position, and I sucked him a few times, but always made him cum only in my ass. It was the best sex!
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Old 11-23-2012, 12:58 PM   #32
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Default I always wanted to

I'm 61, and always thought I was straight. Since I've been here, reading posts, and other comments, I don't think anyone is straight. Sex is one of the few things we all have in common. The only others I've been able to think of are, food, weather, and pain.

My first time sucking another mans cock was when I was around 30 the other guy was a couple of years younger.

It had been a night of drinking and driving around that I'll never forget. I get trembly thinking about it. T was driving, and I asked if he would mind if I sucked his cock? We where both very drunk. but I had a real attraction to this guy and his wife.

He said, no problem. It was summer and we where both wearing shorts. I got so fucking excited. I reached in his shorts and and started stroking his cock. I couldn't believe how powerful this made me feel, feeling his cock grow from my attention. He was very hard, I got his shorts down enough that I could get my mouth on that sweet big cock. It was so nice sucking him. So hard and rubbery like. I was really getting into it, but I began to feel a bit of reluctance on his part, so I stopped. I was so fucking hot after that, and I haven't had the chance since. Someday it will I know, and I can't wait. I've learned a lot more about cock sucking with the WWW.
nice hole eh? id like to suck the cum out of yours!
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Old 11-24-2012, 01:26 PM   #33
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The neighbor's teenage son and his friend used to play doctor with me when I was 6.
Hot Young Stud Lookin For Fun
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Old 11-26-2012, 06:41 AM   #34
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Default early jo

I was like 8 when a neighbor boy who was like 12 took me in the woods and showed me how he could cum. But I could masterbate from as early as 6. I could dry cum at that time and orgasm. Didnt shoot cum until about 12.
Bi 4 Bi
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Old 02-12-2013, 04:25 PM   #35
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Smile first time I saw another penis

When I was around 15 or 16 I was at a urinal at a train station in Toronto. I had not reached puberty yet so my penis and testicles were quite small, no pubic hair and the skin colour was quite light. Beside me at the urinal was a much older man (he had white - grey hair and glasses) probably around 60 or so. He pulled back a little from the urinal and was stroking his penis. I couldn't believe how big it was compared to mine and how much hair he had there. The skin colour of his penis was so much darker than mine. I was mesmerized and just watch ed as he stroked his penis. After a bit he ejaculated - I had never seen cum before. I still remember the strange but pleasent feeling I had in my penis as I watched him. to this day older men's penises excite me.
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Old 02-13-2013, 07:04 AM   #36
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My first seems to be a little later than most on here. It was 1st year of uni so we were 18. I'd got mates with a guy in the same halls. He always went on about how big his cock was. One night after being at the student union bar, we got some more beers and went back to my room to chill out. The convo got onto his big cock yet again and I just said yeah yeah whatever, so he stood up pulled his jeans and boxers down and just let it hang out and to be fair to him he was very big even soft. I said ok your big, he said I told you and then he put it away. Next day I was meeting him at his room before we were off out for the night. Knocked on his door and walked in there he was sat on his bed wanking over some magazines. I quickly backed away and said I'd come back in a bit. He said don't worry come in ill be finished in a min. So I went in and picked up a book and pretended to read whilst spying on him lol. After about 2 mins he said I'm going to cum wanna watch? As I looked up he spurted loads of cum all over the magazines. Then he said do you want a wank. I said no. He said that's not fair cos he'd let me watch so I had to let him. Eventually he talked me round and I wanked over the same pics as he had mixing our cum. That was the start of about 3 years of mutual Jo oral and once or twice anal. (Me fucking him, I'd have never been able to take him)
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Old 02-13-2013, 07:41 AM   #37
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My first encounter with a male was at the age of 11. My friend Fern, who was 13, and I were wrestling in his parents bedroom. The parents were at work and we were using the double bed as our wrestling ring. We had stripped down to our underwear, I in briefs and Fern in boxers. At one point he had me pinned down on my back with his knees on my shoulders. He was holding my arms above my head. We were both sweating from the exurtion. Every time he started to count to three, I would manage to push up one shoulder. It was at that point that I felt something hit my lips. When I looked down Fern's hard cock had slip out of the boxer shorts.
It was as if time had slowed down, as I stared at his penis and watched as a drop of glistening pre-cum dripped out the end of his penis and slowly fell seeming to hang by a thread for a moment, before it landed on my lower lip. My tongue snaked out for no reason and I tasted the viscous liquid for the first time.
Fern sat up red faced and seemed embarrassed asking if I were hard also as he reached back and grasped my dick over my brief. He then asked if I masterbated often, as he massaged my cock ever so slowly.
Up until then I had not massaged my cock but used to pump myself against the sheets while moving my ass up and down rubbing my cock against the bedding.
Fern's massaging was very different and exciting. He got off of me and slit his hand inside my briefs and continued to rub my cock. He kept this up for quite sometime, changing rhythm, at times squeezing my cock to bring out pre-cum which he would rub over the head of my dick with the pad of his finger. Other times he would just use his finger nails to rub against the lenght of my cock. He kept teasing like this for a long time, to the point I was begging him to let me cum.
Then he pinched the head of my cock and really went to town on massaging my dick. I felt myself cum but the jism was held back by his pinching. When he let go the cum flew up and landed on my chin , chest and tummy.
Fern dabbed up the jism and smeared my lips making me lap up all the cum till I was totally clean.
He next climbed back onto me and pressed his cock against my lips. He fucked my mouth and soon I was tasting his jism.
We spent the summer holidays doing much the same every day.
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Old 02-14-2013, 06:30 AM   #38
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As a straight man who is curious about dicks I've never had a "sexual encounter" with another dude's penis, but my experience with dicks has evolved over the years.

Having an older brother (2 1/2 yrs my senior), the first dick I seen other than mine was obviously his. But at a very young age, and never paid much attention to it, same with my dad's dick.

The first time I saw a dick (or dicks) on a non-family member was the summer after 5th grade (11 years old). I was at a pool party, and there was only one bathroom to get changed in, so I had to go in with my friend and his older brother (13) to change into swim suits. My friend's brother made a point to say that we had to do it quickly so we wouldn't see each others' dicks...which of course made me curious and i paid particular attention to his in the brief seconds he was naked...but like when i seen my bro and my dad, his was limp.

Then in 7th grade 12-13, I started watching porn with my best friend at his house after school. Which eventually led to us discussing the size of the dicks we saw in the pornos, and to us showing each other our erect dicks and comparing sizes. He being several months older than I and was supposed to be in 8th grade but had stayed back, AND an early bloomer, AND apparently from a lineage of "gifted" men; i was shocked by how much bigger his was than mine even though we were in the same grade! So his was the first erect penis I had ever seen in person.

After that (8th grade-end of high school), I had compared and jacked with various friends occasionally. Learning early on that mine was an OK size, and that the first friend i compared with was just blessed with a LARGE penis...haha.

My first encounter with holding another guys penis was at about 19 when I was in nursing school. It was kind of gross because it was an old man from whom I had to remove a urinary catheter. His, of course, was limp when I held it...with gloves on.

Then early on in my career I had the opportunity to handle (again with gloves on) an erect penis. It was a young man who came into the ER with a spinal chord injury (which sometimes results in priapism; a prolonged unintentional erect). This time i had to put a urinary catheter in, and it was my first experience feeling the firmness of another man's erect penis. Since then I've had similar encounters with other patients

...i realize those encounters while working as a nurse are not sexual in nature, and may not count, but as you can imagine they kind of stick-out in my mind when I think about my history of experiences with other guys' dicks.

From the lengthy post you can tell this is a topic I'm interested in. Please feel free to message me with any questions or to chat...
***Str8 guy who enjoys cocks...msg me to chat!
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Old 02-15-2013, 07:00 AM   #39
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Default holding a dick

Hey Brandon liked your thread. While I was in the army as a medic held a lot of dicks whild doing the odd proceedures. While shaving on older guy from tummy to mid thigh he got an erection. At first I paid no attention, but could see the expression on his face every time I held his cock to move it out the way. When I finished shaving him, he complained of how raw and irritated it felt, asking if I could apply some oil or cream. I was a little surprised at his request, but decided to oblige. As I applied the cream first to his tummy and legs, his erection remained stiff. I must admit, while doing his tummy my hands kept brushing against his dick. I suddenly realized that this was turning me on, my cock stiffened in my pants. Instead of applying the cream to my hands first before rubbing it onto the his skin, when it came to his cock and balls, I turned the bottle of cream upside down and let the cream drop after drop over his cock and balls till they were completely covered. His dick pulsed with each drop and, I could see him bitting his lower lip to keep from making a sound. Then I began to massage his balls and cock. Needless to say, it didn't take long before he shot a nice load onto his tummy. So I began to massage the cum and remainder of the cream over his balls and cock. By the time I was finished his cock was once more hard. I gave it a final squeeze before washing my hands and leaving.
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Old 03-01-2013, 11:45 AM   #40
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I was a very curious teen and got into reading OUI mens mag. it was just about the only one that had nude men in it. I actually spent more time looking at the men than I did the women. I didn't realize my cock fascination until I joined the military and saw nude men everyday in the showers. Once I got to the big city I stumbled upon a cruising park and received my first BJ from a man. I was hooked and after awhile began giving BJ's as well. I thought getting married would make alot of my cock desires go away. They didn't and it has been a struggle to be faithful and I have had a few experiences with men although not nearly as many as I would like to have.
Hello from Manassas Virginia
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first dick encounter how

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