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Count me lucky. I can't imagine any guy giving me better head than my wife. She's so good I am not tempted to find out if I'm wrong.
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Old 02-24-2013, 03:00 PM   #52
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Default Best Blowjobs ? man or woman

Hey rodman2005:

When my ex-girlfriend gave me my first blow job, nothing happened, so WTF ?.
But when I gave my neighbor my first of six blowjobs, I took my time licking and sucking his cock, then I sucked on his balls for a long time causing him to exploe his jism in my mouth, and making him scream in extasy.

I was such a male-slut
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Old 02-26-2013, 05:33 AM   #53
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Wow, old thread revivied...OK.

First let me say that if you have only had your ick sucked by one gender then your vote is biased. How can you say that men give better blowjobs if a woman has never sucked you? How can you say women give better blowjobs if a man has never sucked you? Until you have tried both, your vote carries no weight.

Now, for the logic.

- Generally do not desire sucking cock and typically only suck because their man wants it. This translates into a less than whole-hearted effort. Yes, there are women that love to suck cock and put effort into it, but they are far and few between. For every one woman that loves to suck cock there are 100 others who only do it because he wants it and another 100 who won't do it at all.
- Generally are afraid of/grossed out by cum and thus, will not let you cum in their mouth, much less swallow it. A woman that actually enjoys swallowing is an EXTREMELY rare being. Watch a little porn and you will notice that even porn actresses tend to gag when taking a load in their mouth, turn away when taking a facial, etc.
- Don't have a cock, so they have no idea what feels good. You can bet your bottom dollar that when a woman sucks your cock she will scrape it with her teeth. That is a given. She won't put extra effort into not scraping with her teeth because she has no idea how bad it feels. You can also bet that unless she has been coached, she won't use any tongue. For her sucking cock is just that, wrap your lips around it and suck until he is close to cumming then jerk away and dodge the cum.

- 100% of them love doing it. You will never find a guy who sucks cock that is doing it just to please another guy. Homophobia prevents this. You either want to or you don't, thus you either will or you won't. Because of this you can bet that a guy who sucks cock will do it whole-heartedly and will enthusiasm. When a guy goes down on you it will not be because you begged, pressured and bargained him into it.
- Generally, guys who suck swallow. The handful that don't swallow will almost always let you cum in their mouth and not stop sucking to spit until you are finished orgasming. They understand the value of having your load swallowed or at the very least being able to be sucked until you finish cumming. The man who sucks but does not swallow or let you cum in his mouth is a rare being.
- Has a cock and knows every single trick to make it twitch, pulse and ooze. Knows how important not scraping teeth is. Knows how great a tongue swirling around the head or gliding along the underside feels. Knows how amazing it feels to draw close to orgasm knowing that you don't have to give a warning that you are close because the cocksucker wants the cum down their throat.

My vote is obvious. Guys who suck give the best head, by far. There is certinly a few women out there who love to suck cock, love to eat cum and do it because they want to and not because they were pressured or guilted into doing it, but they are rare.
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Old 02-26-2013, 06:35 PM   #54
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Default Best Blowjobs ? man or woman

My New Friend, swvsucker:

You are so right!!! Women act like cock-sucking is nothing to a guy. Women do not know the pleasure a guy gets from a good blowjob, that's why they are so bad at it. But when a guy gives another guy a blowjob, he takes his time, because he's going to get a wonderful surprise at the end.


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Old 02-27-2013, 03:10 AM   #55
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swvsucker nailed it in a nutshell!
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Default Suck

As a rule women suck because they have to and men suck because they want to......that pretty much sums up my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Bimike8 View Post
As a rule women suck because they have to and men suck because they want to......that pretty much sums up my opinion.
sometimes some men suck in more ways than just cock.. I how ever like sucking cock long as it cut and a decent size and stays hard we both will have a very good time with oral. I have never had any complaints or even bad results spoken through the grape vine from anyone in the past whom I have had sexual fun with dates ect. ect.. or just a one night stand with a friend for oral sexual fun. everything I have ever heard said both in my present or from someone else telling another person about me. or others talking about me when they were un aware I was around or what ever was and has all been good about me when it came to me giving a good and fantastic blow job.
Even one of my old ex. b/f. once who got mad at me for something, [ I have long since for got what ever it was now but.,,, ] he didnt know I was at a party once and I heard him tell his friend that he may be mad at me and not like me anymore as adate, but that all aside one thing he will always say about me and that was that I gave the most fantastic blow jobs ever. ..
He wasnt the only one who I have heard say that either as some of my g/fs have dated some of my ex. b/fs and they have told me that the ex b/f has admited I gave better b/js than my g/fs do. and my g/fs and a few others have ask me sometimes what is my secret to giveing guys such a good b/j. LOL. so yes some women may not be that good at it that is true. .. but like everything else it takes practice and a willingness to be the best at anything in order to get good at anything you do..
and NO MAN ,,,,I dont care who you are will not like what I am going to say .. but no man was born being good at b/js they had to learn same as I did.. SOOO b/j for b/j I bet I could blow the same guy as any man does and he would have a very hard time picking who was better of the two b/js he had just gotten, from both of us,,, and if he did pick a winner I say he would most likely pick ME with the guy a very close second behind me. Am I bragging??? NO am not ,,,I am just saying that just because your a man and you may like sucking cock that dont mean your the best at it boys. it is the sam with women on women oral. Some women are worse than the worst man I ever had at doing oral to pussy. but some women are really good at it. but that dont mean that all men arent any good at eating pussy. I have had a some guys who were simply the best at it. just as I have had women who were good as well. the point of being good at either or is the willingness to pleasure the other person. no matter who or what they are long as they are clean and return the favor both should give it their all. besides if you dont like this or that about who your with then why are you even there to start with then. if you cany enjoy it and give it your all with out the feeling of doing it cause you have to not because you want to then dont bother to waste each others time then when there are many who will and would enjoy the chnace that your wasting .
Love looking at cocks

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Default hard to say

Generally men are better but some women are very good.
I once got a bj from a guy in a park and he spit every 3 seconds-that was the worst bj I ever got. The virgin girl I dated when I was 18 was way better than him.
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Blow jobs I have gotten from women (girlfriends/wives) were generally a half hearted attempt to just please me. Then as my bi-side came out later in life, I discovered that guys can REALLY SUCK A DICK!! That's what made me realize how sad those blow jobs I got were from those women.
Then a few years ago, I (kind of accidently) got a blow job from a female prostitute. (That's another story in itself.). I was really surprised at how damn good she was. Up until that point, I always thought guys were better at it than gals. Hell, I probably would have busted a nut if it wasn't for doing it in my car in broad daylight in front of the busy local supermarket.

P.S. No it wasn't a guy in drag, because she didn't mind showing me the total

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Originally Posted by diver55 View Post
Men only. Only a man knows what a man needs.
women know what a man needs
your just saying that because you do not like women.

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bjs , blowjobs

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